Thursday, 23 December 2010

Touchpads are not equivalents to pencils..

Being in one of my more intense explosions of creativity, starting a blog, it seems, will not suffice.. Well *clearly*, the *obvious* next step is learning to draw things to be contained within aforementioned blog (this one)..

What? You disagree? Drawing and writing are two completely different arts, I hear you say?

Not according to the *special* logics contained within MY brain department!

Anyway.. Long story short, having not actually drawn anything even vaguely approaching good on a computer I decided to draw you a picture of a dragon..

And here it is now!

I had to draw her using my stupid laptop touchpad (which I usually get along with famously, apologies for the insult, lappity-top!) which was very awkward.. If anyone happens across this post who knows things about computer-drawage I would love some advice =)

Aww I quite like my little dragon.. I was going to decide on a name but my brain keeps shouting such beautiful, elegant, graceful names... like Bernard and Humpfrey. Yep, thanks a lot brain. No more creativity for you today, clearly. Sleep o'clock methinks!

Raaaaaaawrrrr!!! =)


  1. You drew that on a touchpad? *blinks. Backs away slowly in awe (and terror - the determination it must have taken to stay with the blasted thing is somewhat frightening)*

    And that is one awesome little dragon. :)

  2. Thankyouuu =) You are a nice! It did take a few hours but it stopped me from being bored/annoyed at not being asleep..

    I'm learning how to do actual proper shading next.. And maybe how layers work but I'm not too sure..

  3. That is amazing.

    Touchpads are the worst to draw with. Better than touchpads are mice, so if you grab yourself a USB mouse, it'll be significantly easier than touchpad drawing.

    'Course, if you've got some money to lay down, you could always buy yourself a tablet. They run from about thirty bucks to up to a couple thousand, if you're looking at a Wacom Cintiq.

    Wacoms are the brand to go with, either way - they've got the Bamboo line which are meant for less serious people and are from about thirty or forty bucks to a hundred. Up from there is the Graphire, tho' I don't know that they're making those anymore, which I think was a hundred fifty, or something like. Next up is the one I've got the Intuos, which is on its fourth incarnation. If you don't mind not having the newest stuff, you can still find threes about for a pretty good deal. Intuos comes in four sizes, I think, and size dictates price from just under two hundred dollars up to I think five hundred, or something like that.

    Then there's Cintiq. Which has an actual screen contained within the tablet, which shows you exactly what you're drawing. There're two sizes and the smaller of the two goes for about nine hundred. The larger is, I think, two thousand, but it may only be one and a half.

    Either way, Wacom's website is the place to look.

  4. The dragon is **so** cute. It makes me so squeeeeeeeeeeeee.